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rmgtcpasettlement | The Charvat v. Carnival et al class action Suit Asserts That RMG made pre recorded (bothersome) telemarketing calls to landlines and cell phones offering free cruises with Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian as promotions without gaining approval from the caller. Class members assert that this broken the TCPA. RMG denies some activities of wrong doing have agreed to a $12,500,000 settlement in order to avoid additional court cost.

www.rmgtcpasettlement.com | Claim Carnival Cruises TCPA Settlement Online

All the Particulars of the Charvat v. Carnival et al class Action lawsuit are listed as the case number 1:12-cv-5746. And www.rmgtcpasettlement.com is now under the inspection of the United States District Court. To fix this matter both the Plaintiff and the Defendants have consented to make funds Fund at least $7000000 and up to $12500000. The Settlement is approved by the court. The Settlement provides cash payments to the group members who file valid Claim Types. But before making payments into the associates the finance is going to be used for paying expenses and fees of Class Counsel’s lawyers, incentives of the class agents and other expenses.

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Essential Notes about RMG TCPA Settlement?

  1. To receive the cash payment, then you have to submit a claim form Online or by mail.
  2. The highest value of each RMG telemarketing phone which has been Received is $300. And also a promise for up to 3 calls per telephone number may be filed.

To exclude yourself from the Settlement?

If You’d like to get out of the compensation, then You Must mail a Request letter to this rmg tcpa Settlement Administrator. From the letter, you need to Say:

  1. Your full name
  2. Your Present mail address
  3. Your current phone number
  4. The telephone number in which you received the Prerecorded Telemarketing call from RMG
  5. The last four digit of your Social Security Number
  6. A statement under penalty of perjury which you think you Are a part of the Settlement class and the number you’ve listed as having received a telephone or calls would be the one which you received the calls.
  7. A statement suggesting that you want to be excluded from the Settlement class in Charvat v. Resort Marketing Group, Inc., et al., Case amount 1:12-cv-05846
  8. The date and your signature

RMG TCPA Settlement

  • Can Be Submitted for internet or via the mail
  • Claims could be made for 3 telephone calls
  • Settlement Administrated could be contacted
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It’s important to point out that the railroad lines Associated with the settlement (Norwegian, Carnival, and Royal Caribbean) deny they authorized RMG to help make the calls in question in their behalf. Those who can’t (or even simply don’t need to) file online at the RMG TCPA Settlement page can opt to print out a claim form and then send it by email right to the Settlement Administrator.


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