Best Medical Marijuana Vaporizers 2017

What Is A Vaporizer In Smoking?

A vaporizer is a unique device that allows users to smoke electronically. Often called e-cigarettes, vaporizers are available in table top models to pocket models and everything in between.

Vaporizers are used for smoking both tobacco and cannabis. There are liquids called e-liquids or oils that are used in the devices. These liquids are added to the device and a heat source heats them up into a vapor.

Thus, the term vaporizer or vaping was coined. Users will inhale just as they would a cigarette or marijuana joint and then exhale just as they did when they were smoking either.

However, since this is a vapor, there is no odor and there are fewer carcinogens to cause lung damage to the person. In fact, vaping uses from four to twelve different compounds to create the vape.

The e-liquids are readily available wherever regular tobacco cigarettes are available. In the case of cannabis e-liquids, these are available wherever there is a dispensary that sells the cannabis legally. Many states are now allowing cannabis to be sold legally for both medicinal and recreational purposes.

Vaporizers are used in both regular tobacco and cannabis smoking. This makes them an ideal product to sell in high-end markets or e-stores as well as at marijuana dispensaries.

Users will still enjoy the same benefits that they get from smoking, however, they will have a lower exposure to the carcinogens that regular cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes have.

Additionally, vaporizers are more readily acceptable by the general public as they don’t cause any odor and they won’t cause any harmful health effects to those around the person who is vaping.

The vaporizer simply heats up the liquid to a boiling temperature. This is in lieu of the product (tobacco or marijuana) burning and producing smoke). As the liquid is vaporized, it gives the user the same release that smoking does, without all of the harmful health effects.

Simply put, the vaporizer virtually eliminates all of the chemicals that are harmful to smokers and renders them inert. The smoker still gets the same benefit of enjoying their smoking experience, but there aren’t any dangerous things to be concerned about.

Users can enjoy a variety of strengths (nicotine strengths as well as cannabis strengths) and flavors in their vaping experience. There are no papers to burn (thus fewer carcinogens) and there aren’t any filters to accidentally burn either.

The users are given an experience that is so close to smoking that they are getting the same sensations without all the fuss. In fact, many businesses are allowing people to vape in their establishments.

Health care workers see a huge surge in vaping over smoking. With fewer nasty side effects those who vape are beginning to enjoy clearer lung function and healthier odors.

No longer do their clothes smell of smoke nor does their hair or their body. It’s a win-win situation for non-smokers who are residing with smokers and sick and tired of their hair, clothing, homes and vehicles smelling of smoke.

Scents that are given off from vaping are much lighter and don’t linger like cigarette or marijuana smoke does. This means that friends and family are appreciating the new found trend and people’s lungs are beginning to clear.

No more offensive odors to put people off and second-hand smoke are no longer the huge concern that it was prior to vaping. Many people who are trying to cut back on smoking are trying vaping as a means to reduce their cigarette intake. Vaping is here to stay and with good reason, it’s affordable and a much healthier lifestyle.