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In case you need a little refresher about what we do here, we’re Serge and Pam.

We are nutrition, health, and fitness nerds who are addicted to trying out the latest products on the market. Not only do we try and use these products, we’re also writing nerds who are also addicted to posting online reviews about all the nutrition, health, and fitness products we try. The products we review on Be You Be Healthy are of upmost quality and live up or exceed high expectations.

That’s why we are very selective about the reviews that go up on our site because at Be You Be Healthy, we’re here to encourage you to live a better live by eating better foods that are nourishing to your body, try out health and fitness programs and products that will keep you active and motivated, and we also write random articles giving tips on how to be a healthier, more fun, more powerful, more confident person. While we mostly review programs and products, your nutrition, health, and fitness is important to us. Therefore, we go above and beyond to share simple tips with you on how to live a better, healthier, happier, more balance life.

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At Be You Be Healthy, we understand that nutrition, health, and fitness isn’t a just a trend.

It’s a lifestyle.

Here you’ll find the most reliable, comprehensive and detailed reviews on nutrition, health, and fitness related programs and products available online. There are so many programs and products out there on the market. We’re not talking about a dozen or a hundred. We’re talking thousands.

We understand the frustration of selecting the right product that fits your goals and lifestyle.

We’ve had our fare share of frustration when we embarked on the journey of nutrition, health, and fitness. That’s the very reason why we created this space. To share with others honestly, what we have found that works for us and can work for them too.

Ever heard the saying, “sharing is caring?”

Well, it’s true. We care, therefore we share.

Why we’re #1?

1. We’re share honest reviews of nutrition, health, and fitness related program and products.
2. We only review programs and products and exceed our expectations.
3. We have tried this programs and products over a period of time to ensure their efficacy.
4. We provide you with detailed information to help you make the best buying decision.
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6. Sick and tired of stupid advertisement? We can totally relate. Be You Be Healthy is add free.
7. No fancy features to aggravate you. Our website is very easy to navigate.
8. Priority link directing you to the site where all products are offered (often at a discounted rate).
9. All reviews are written by us, real people who have tried and absolutely love these products. We do not outsource. If we haven’t try the product. We will not review it.
10. Honesty is the best policy. We provide a complete overview of all products. Pros and cons included in all reviews.

A few more words

There’s a lot that happens in the background before a review is posted online. We have invested a lot of our time, effort, and research to not only try these products but to also spend the appropriate time to evaluate if they actually work, then we write and post a review online. There are other several small but important steps between buying a product, trying it out, and writing a review and a lot of the time, many products don’t make the cut. But for the products that do, rest assure that it has met all of our high-ranking guidelines.

If it didn’t, we would not be spending more time and resources to review it.

In all reviews that we write, you’ll find thorough information about the program or product, how its best used, whether that be in the morning, afternoon, or night time, who’s the best target audience for the program or product, that could be someone in their 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, or older. In addition, we provide you with a summary of our own experience with all the programs and products listed on Be You Be Healthy, and also a direct link where you can purchase everything at the most affordable price available.

Our goal is to make your selection process as simple as possible.

We do our best to provide you with honest and most updated information on all the products we review. Though we’d like to believe we are superheroes with super powers, we are still human.

Oh! The human struggle. Who can relate to that?

Here’s an example below.

I, Serge, may believe with all of my heart that a product is a 10, while Pam, on the other hand, believes that the product is an 8. There are so many programs and so many products and while all of them can be the best things on the market, no two people on this Earth will ever have the exact same perception. So if we review something and it does not work as well as we expected, please let us know. This almost never happens but if we review a product and you have not gotten the results expected, let us knows about it. Our priority is to bring you the most updated information but if something slips through the cracks, and you feel that you’ve followed our guideline and was not happy with the program and product you purchased, just shoot us an email here.

We promise to listen to your thoughts. We are here to help you.

Never feel that you are bothering us. Always feel free to contact us at any hours of the day.

Whether you have a question, a comment, or a concern, we are here to assist you. We also love to hear about your success stories. Happy stories, makes us happier. The feedback we get from all you is of upmost importance to us.

If there is a nutrition, health, and/or a fitness program and product you’re highly interested in and we have not yet reviewed it, please shoot us an email to tell us all about it. If the product is extremely important and valuable to you and you believe that others can benefit from our review of it, simply fill out this form, or send us an email. We’ll do our best to check it out.

For any other questions, or if you just want to send us an email to say hello or thank you, visit our Contact Us page and fill out the form. We love it when our readers write to us.

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Serge & Pam

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